Global climate change and our heavily polluted environment have resulted in the frequent occurrence of earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, severe storms, etc. To save lives from these natural disasters, we need a complete solution of emergency rescue equipment that is reliable with rapid deployment while remaining simple in operation.


To be the global leader in providing a complete solution for rescue operations.


TOTARescue is headquartered in Singapore with a manufacturing plant in Malaysia and an R&D arm in Japan. TOTARescue (Singapore) Academy will be responsible for the training and certification of TOTARescue equipment operators. TOTARescue (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is equipped with advanced machines from Germany, Italy, and Japan. It is responsible for the company’s core technology and the production of rescue equipment. TOTARescue Japan Co. Ltd. has an R&D team that collaborates with many prestigious Japan research institutes and universities. It is mainly responsible for the research and development of new rescue products, as well as the upgrade & improvement of existing rescue equipment.

TOTARescue holds several proprietary patents in petrol operated hydraulic power unit, battery operated hydraulic power unit, hydraulic transmission couplers, light and heavy-duty supporting tools as well as spherical lifting airbags.

TOTARescue Academy will provide theoretical & practical training services by experienced retirees from Civil Defence Forces. The simulator will be used for trainees to familiarise themselves with the different types of scenarios and the use of our equipment.

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TOTARescue supplies emergency rescue equipment including lifting airbags (TOTA Lift), hydraulic cutters & spreaders (T-Rex Max-Series & Pro-Series Cutter, Super-Series Spreader, and Ultra Cutter), lifting struts (T-Rex Mega-Series Ram & T-Titan Pillar with Extension) and electronic power units. TOTARescue also provides the fastest aircraft recovery system in the global market. A few trials runs and enhancements have been conducted in Japan with promising results.


TOTAservice provides one-stop maintenance service to ensure that you can carry out all your rescue operations with the most effective tools and equipment. We will conduct training and certification for all TOTARescue equipment operators to ensure that they are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out rescue operations.