T-Rex Super Spreader


Extensive research has been carried out at TOTARescue to determine the best design for a jaw. Because the jaw is the key to a successful rescue operation. We have tested many designs and concluded on one that will deliver unparalleled practical performance. Introducing the unique design of our spreader jaw, which has strong but thin tips at the end.

The jaw arms bend as the opening increases during spreading. The teeth at the end of the jaw are to provide a better grip when handling objects.

The SUPER-series are designed with a 360° handle for optimal tool alignment while ensuring a firm and comfortable grip from all angles.

The spreaders open as wide as 140°, providing practical assistance for any rescue operation.

T-Rex Super-Series Spreader comes in 2 models: SUPER 1 SPREADER & SUPER 2 SPREADER.

T-Rex Pro Cutter


The PRO-series is truly multifunctional by combining excellent cutting, spreading, and pulling performance in one rescue tool.

Designed with detachable heads, the PRO-series can switch easily between a spreader and a cutter. Enjoy excellent cutting performance equivalent to the MAX-series cutter together with advanced blade design.

The industry has overlooked the reality that combitools have a lack of force while operating under high pressure. We, on the other hand, found that there will be more force/power when there is less pressure. The Maximiser handlebar also allows 360° access to the combitool.

T-Rex Pro-Series Cutter comes in 2 models: PRO 1 CUTTER & PRO 2 CUTTER.

T-Rex Max Cutter


A cutter blade’s design has a large impact on its cutting capabilities. The blades are responsible for delivering the force created by the tool and the way it powers through the different materials.

Designed with the Maximiser handlebar, the hydraulic MAX-series cutter gives you full control to perform your job safely. It will cut through all materials effortlessly, like a hot knife through butter. With less strain on the tool’s internal component and less pressure on the blades, there is a minimal risk of breaking down.

T-Rex Max-Series Cutter comes in 2 models: MAX 1 CUTTER & MAX 2 CUTTER.

T-Rex Ultra Cutter


The ULTRA cutter is designed to cut through brake pedals, hinges, steering wheels, reinforcement bars, and many more. Its compact design allows one to create space in the tightest space through its spreading capability, giving access to hard-to-reach and confined spaces. The ULTRA cutter is a must-have for any rescue team.

Compact and flexible are the key features of the ULTRA cutter. It can reach where no other tools can. Equipped with a 180° swiveling head, the degree of freedom in confined spaces is unparalleled with the ULTRA cutter.

T-Rex Mega Ram


The ram is a necessity for all rescue operations. The MEGA-series ram is compatible with the T-TITAN Pillar accessories, further enabling a wide variety of combinations to complete any rescue operation.

Whether used independently or in combination with other TOTARescue equipment (i.e. T-TITAN Pillar, extensions, etc) the T-REX MEGA-series ram is the solution for multiple complex situations. Improve the effectiveness on the field with the multiple combinations available.

T-Rex Mega-Series Ram comes in 2 models: MEGA 1 RAM & MEGA 2 RAM.